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Tuesday-Wednesday. September 27-28

In my previous blog I told you about the alleged Dutchman, however he turns out to be Canadian.

Although the two-master is originally from Groningen, the Netherlands, hence her name. The present owner bought the ship at a so-called “ Sheriffs auction”. The ship was confiscated due to the suspicion of trafficking. The former owners stranded off the Canadian coast with engine problems. When the coast guard arrived they found twenty beds on board. Except for the two Canadian owners there was no trace of other people. Imagine twenty persons on board a ship that normally only takes six. Not an inspiring, but very dramatic story. Exemplary for our days.

Charleston’s harbour is well situated on the shores of the Ashley River. It’s approximately half an hour’s walk to town, but the evening is damp, warm and humid. Furthermore our energy levels are a bit low so we skip town. We lie in between super yachts. The more southerly, the larger the yachts. Connected with heavy 360 V shore power cables to supply their energy absorbing aircondition units and other equipment. The Netherlands may be the worst in class within Europe concerning energy policy but here in the USA one gets the impression that the whole energy problem is non-existent. At night the temperature is not below 28-30° C.

When I return from the luxurious, air-conditioned service house I observe some long shaped fishes in the glare of the green yellow street light. They are roughly one meter long and lie quietly in the water. After closer observation they appear to have a very long nose, four legs and a tail… Then I realise those are caimans waiting for fish attracted by the light. Youngsters or a small species, I don’t know… No bathing here!

When we leave the next day there is overcast above land but once out at sea the sky clears and the sun heats the deck. A fresh tail breeze, an occasional dolphin playing around the ship and flying fishes pretending being birds…. Life can be worse!

In the evening in the light of the setting sun the beautiful cumulus clouds start to develop at the horizon. Under influence of strong rising air currents they conquer the sky, impressively forming a large hammerhead before sinking down again. The sun shows its presence by lighting the many shapes of the cloud formation with her blood-red rays. At the same time in the far distance thunderstorms with lightning are developing in this cloud formation. An up to date light show.

We are heading for Canaveral, the epic centre of American space travel. In the distance on the coast we see large hangars, launch towers and communication masts. Outside the sun shines, inside it’s piping hot. We hope to arrive in Port Canaveral in daytime. During the night the warm gulfstream was stronger than expected. Therefore Edzard decided to increase our power setting. It’s noticeable that we are at southern latitudes. The sun sets at 1910 and half an hour later it’s dark

When entering Port Canaveral there is a heavy thunderstorm, like the one we saw on the horizon. Only this time we’re in the centre of it. Fortunately it doesn’t last long and we moor in a sports fishing harbour. We have to get up at 0600 because we are moored at the refuelling quay and the fishermen are early birds. Tomorrow will be our last stretch, 150 NM to go.

no limit goes usa 30

no limit goes usa 29


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  1. Congratulations on a successful voyage! Would be great to read the voyage extracts including distances on each leg and average speed and fuel consumed. Are you making a return voyage?

    Capt Phillip Carr

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