Black Friday

Yesterday was Black Friday, the day on which Americans and Canadians buy presents to give to their loved ones at Christmas. 

Yesterday we as crew, after long and hard thought, took the decision to postpone our journey home from Bermuda. 

Taking into account the weather conditions expected at this time of year, with the many, sometimes deep depressions swirling across the Atlantic Ocean, we were beginning to doubt our ability to complete this mission, to bring Four Seasons home across the sea.

 For many of you, especially those at home, this decision must seem like a Black Friday present.

 Your first reactions would seem point this way and this supports us in our decision, never an easy one to call.

 The Four Seasons will sail to a wharf here on Bermuda next week where she will be lifted out of the water and set down on a cradle. There won’t be a dry eye as we leave her, she has been good to us and never let us down.

 We will then drive to the airport and fly homewards. Between St. Nicholas and Christmas we will be back with our families.

 Next spring, when the weather is more favourable, we will return to Four Seasons and pick up where we left off, recommencing the journey home via the Azores, Guernsey and Rotterdam. A journey we will once again share with you all.

 I know I speak on behalf of the whole crew as I thank you for following and supporting our journey this far and letting us know how it has touched you.

We’ll be back!

Our very best regards,

Edzard Braam

Peter Braam

Joost Braam

Jorrit van de Burg


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